A Comprehensive Guide to Contract Variations

A contract can be varied in one or two ways: either by a variation to the contract terms or the scope of works. The latter is the one that most of us will think of when the term variation is used.

Variation to the contract terms (or conditions) – also referred to as an amendment […]

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Earned Value Management

Earned value management (EVM) in its various forms is a commonly used method of performance
measurement. It integrates project scope, cost, and schedule measures to help the project management team assess and measure project performance and progress.

It is a project management technique that requires the formation of an integrated baseline against which performance can be measured […]

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Delay and Disruption Protocol

On sixteen October 2002, the Society of Construction Law issued its “Delay and Disruption Protocol”.

The Protocol was produced by way of a drafting sub-committee formed by way of a group of individuals of the Society of Construction Law.

The Protocol isn’t meant to be a contract document, however it does present recommendations and guidance to those […]

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Welcome to BCGreen QS Services

Welcome to BCGreen QS Services.

Our new website will provide an insight into the services we offer, and also provide information on how we can add value to your business.

In the coming months, we shall be updating our blog with current industry news and changes which may have the potential to impact your project so please […]

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