When the Contractor contracts with the Principal to carry out construction works, the Principal is entitled to the performance of those works in the manner and to the extent prescribed by the contract. Similarly, the Contractor is entitled to the contract sum in the manner and as may be adjusted by the contract.

The contract allocates risks, including the cost of performance of that work. Different contracts allocate those risks differently. However, in the standard form construction contracts the original contract sum is usually fixed in relation to an original scope of work.

As a variation is a change to the work (quantity or quality) required to be carried out under the contract, it is essential to be able to clearly identify the work the Contractor is required to perform under the contract in order to determine if there has been a change and the extent of that change.

BCGreen Quantity Surveying Services are able to offer a undertake a full valuation of contract variations service, and this combined with our Contract Administration service will ensure that you do not miss, or fall foul to the pitfalls of the contract.